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Please read our APC WAIVERS  before you submit your papers

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    Manuscript submission guide

    To submit a manuscript to the Special Journal of Public health, Nutrition, and Dietetics [SJ-PND], we recommend the use of strobes guideline or checklist as adapted from the strobe guideline for observational studies (STROBES) as indicated here If you can say yes to all the questions, then you are ready. You are advised to use the form below this checklist to submit your manuscript for consideration and publication in this special journal of public health!

    The checklist serves are as a guide to ensure that authors have not missed anything before the paper is sent to the editorial office for attention. All manuscripts destined for attention by the Special journal of public health, Nutrition, and Dietetics, must be prepared following the authors’ information so as to be sure you have complied with our writing format. This will ensure your paper passes editorial screening before papers are sent for external peer review! If the editorial office is not satisfied, your manuscript may be returned to you for attention!

    Submit with this checklist

    S/NSectionsHave the topic given an overview of the gap for which an objective was formed and an insight on the anticipated outcome Answer
    1TopicHave the topic given an overview of the gap for which an objective was formed and an insight on the anticipated outcome
    2AbstractHave the abstract adequately sumarised the protocols that led to your reported result and conclusion
    3IntroductionDoes the introduction adequately summarize the background, research gap, research justification, with clear information on what is known in the field of study
    4Objectives Does the objective reflect how to achieve the target set by the topic
    5Methods Does the method articulate how the objectives would be or was achieved taking into consideration, appropriate use of research design, research questions or hypothesis, sampling protocol, how happened to missing data, aquality assurance, ethics, specialized analysis of groups and subgroups and statistical analysis,
    Are there enough inomation on the study settings, design, controls, variables, bias, inclusion or eligibility criteria, sample size, and anyother information that will confirm the originality of this study?
    6Result: Does the study adequately present and interprets the results as set out in the methods section using tables legends, figures, charts, and others as the case may be
    7DiscussionDoes the discussion adequately outline the implication of the results and in the context of what other researchers have done?
    Have you indicated the novelty of this study?

    Take note of the above checklist

    When you have answered yes to all the questions indicated in the above checklist, you have to ensure that all issues are addressed. Make sure all members of the research team have seen the final version of the paper because all authors are going to take full responsibility for the public implications of the paper. You are then sure there are high chances that your papers may be favorably reviewed.  Just fill the forms and attach the file of not more than 5mb to submit. Accepted format include word document only


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