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Excellence beyond expectation

Moazzam M Lodhi, MBBS, MPH

Moazzam M Lodhi is a Senior Lecturer and Public Health Physician at the School of Allied Health Sciences Kampala International University, Uganda. and He is also an Editor of the Special Journal of Public Health. He was former Dean School of Allied Health Sciences and Head of Department of Public Health at Kampala International University, Uganda. Dr Moazzam M Lodhi is an asset to the editorial board, Special Journal of Public Health because he is coming on board with unique clinical skills that will be of benefit to our stakeholders

Editor Special Journal of Public Health. 

As a Public Health Physician Moazzam M Lodhi brings on board the specific skills that allow the  editorial board of Special Journal of Public Health to analyze the following

  • How research data were gathered, analyzed and to assess public health problems for which publication is required by authors
  • How to research related to those public Health Problems were conducted including how their possible causes and links to other issues in the community were established
  • How strategies were developed that helped lead to the implementation of programs that prevented disease or promoted good overall health in the community
  • How public health officials were consulted to develop legislation that focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of entire communities

Specific additional Public Health expertise

His personal skills Public Health Special Journal of Public Health

  • Attention for Detail, when looking at papers
  • Excellency in Critical Thinking, when reviewing papers
  • Excellency in Self Control, as it concerns dignity and personality
  • Confidence, and optimistic
  • Excellency in communication,
  • Academic and Professional Training

Research Interest

Moazzam M Lodhi is a Public Health Physician whose research interest is on the welfare of mother and child with an emphasis on integrated management of childhood infections – IMCI. Moazzam M Lodhi wants to investigate factors militating against the safe delivery of babies, before and after delivery, including complications and infections associated. Moazzam M Lodhi is interested in extrinsic factors challenging the survival of children in their 1st five years of life.

Training and Qualification

Moazzam M Lodhi was awarded MBBS by the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Pakistan 1996. Later He was awarded a Masters degree in Public Health MPH from the Baqai University in Pakistan in 2010. Dr Moazzam M Lodhi has over 10 years of clinical and research experience at the university level including His senior management experience and Dean and HOD. These will be added advantage as he joins the board of editors Special Journal of Public Health

Selected Publication

  • Agwu E, Tanayen G and Moazzam ML. Four-year health-point surveillance of Human Gastro-intestinal parasites among patients attending a clinic in Bushenyi, Uganda. Special Parasite Pathogens Journal (SPPJ) 2015; 1 (1):1-6
  • Odoki M, Bazira J, Moazam ML and Agwu E   Health-point survey of bacteria urinary tract infections among suspected diabetic patients attending clinics in Bushenyi Uganda (SBPJ) 2015; 1 (1): 5 –9.
  • Ihongbe JC, Moazzam ML, Pazos V and Agwu E   Non-target oral bacterial resistance to Cotrimoxazole in   HIV/AIDS patients living in South Western Uganda. (SBPJ) 2015; 1 (1): 1 –4.
  • Agwu E., Ihongbe JC, Ezeonwumelu JOC, Moazzam ML. Baseline burden and antimicrobial susceptibility of pathogenic bacteria recovered from oral lesions of HIV/AIDS patients in South-Western Uganda. Oral Science International, 2015; 12 (2): 59-66. DOI: 10.1016/S1348-8643(15)00018-.
  • Baluku M, Agwu E, Kasule A, Moazzam ML. The transmission dynamics of Cholera epidemic in Kasese district, Uganda. Special pathogens Review Journal (SPRJ) 2015; 1(1):30-39.
  • Agwu E, Oming S, Moazzam ML. Prevalence of Cryptosporidiosis among diarrhea patients attending clinics in the Bushenyi district of Uganda. Special Parasites pathogens J. (SPPJ), 2015; (1)1: 14-19.
  • Agwu E, Nyakerario E and Moazzam ML. Updates on Malaria parasites distribution among HIV infected and AIDS patients in Comboni Hospital, Uganda. Special Parasites Pathogens Journal (SPPJ), 2015; Vol 1, No1: 0029-0035.
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