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Excellence beyond expectation

Magnus C Ogaraku, [MBChB, MPH, PGD-Edu, Dip Security Stud.]

Magnus C Ogaraku is a Public  Health Physician and the Director of Health Services of Federal University Lokoja, a humanitarian. Magnus C Ogaraku is a public health physician with a special interest in improving the health of an entire population in addition to the routine one-on-one patient treatment of a general practitioner. The primary focus is on the prevention of disease within a community. He is also focused on research, analysis of data, and developing strategies that will help the public health in general.

Editor Special Journal of Public Health. 

As a Public Health Physician Magnus C Ogaraku brings on board the specific skills that allow the  editorial board of Special Journal of Public Health to analyze the following

  • How research data were gathered, analyzed and to assess public health problems for which publication is required by authors
  • How research related to those public Health Problems were conducted including how their possible causes and links to other issues in the community were established
  • How strategies were developed that helped lead to the implementation of programs that prevented disease or promoted good overall health in the community
  • How public health officials were consulted to develop legislation that focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of entire communities

Specific additional Public Health expertise

His Public Health Special Journal of Public Health

  • Attention for Detail,
  • Excellency in Critical Thinking,
  • Excellency in Self Control,
  • Confidence, and optimistic
  • Excellency in communication,
  • Academic and Professional Training


Chairman Amandugba Health Foundation

Magnus C Ogaraku is the Chairman of the Amandugba Health Foundation which provides free healthcare services to the poor people of Amandugba.

Chief D. N Ogaraku Health Foundation

Magnus C Ogaraku is also the head the Chief D. N Ogaraku Health Foundation which carries out quadrennial free Health in the South East region of Nigeria

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