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Excellence beyond expectation


Pwaveno H. Bamaiyi is a Professor in Veterinary Public Health Epidemiology at the University of Jos, Nigeria. Pwaveno H. Bamaiyi is also the Editorial in Chief of the Special Journal of Public Health.

Skills and Research interest of Pwaveno H. Bamaiyi

Prof Pwaveno H. Bamaiyi is a committed and skilled academician with good experience in science research, Sound skills in SPSS, STEM Epidemiological software, and Biostatistics, including the teaching and assessment of students from various social and cultural backgrounds.

Special Journal of Public Health is particularly pleased to note the unique skills of Prof Pwaveno H. Bamaiyi in the use of Spatiotemporal Epidemiologic Modeler (STEM) Epidemiological software.

STEM is an open-source software project supported by the Eclipse Foundation and used by a global community of researchers and public health professionals working to track and, manage, prevent and control outbreaks of infectious disease in human and animal populations.  

Selected Publications of Pwaveno H. Bamaiyi

  1. AT Aniesona, PH Bamaiyi Retrospective Study of Cryptosporidiosis Among Diarrhoeic Children in the Arid Region of North-Eastern Nigeria, Zoonoses and Public Health 2014, 61 (6), 420-426
  2. PH Bamaiyi, L Hassan, S Khairani-Bejo, M ZainalAbidin, M Ramlan, Case–control study on risk factors associated with Brucella Melitensis in goat farms in Peninsular Malaysia. Tropical animal health and production 2014, 46 (5), 739-745
  3. PH Bamaiyi Prevalence and risk factors of brucellosis in man and domestic animals: A review, International Journal of One Health 2016, 2, 29-34
  4. PH Bamaiyi,  Prevalence and risk factors for cryptosporidiosis: a global, emerging, neglected zoonosis, Asian Biomedicine 2016, 10 (4), 309-325
  5. PH Bamaiyi, L Hassan, S Khairani-Bejo, M Zainal Abidin, M Ramlan, Isolation and molecular characterization of Brucella melitensis from seropositive goats in Peninsula Malaysia, Trop Biomed 2012, 29 (4), 513-8
  6. PH Bamaiyi  The role of demographics and human activities in the spread of diseases, Curr Trends Technol Sci 2, 253-7
  7. PH Bamaiyi, L Hassan, S Khairani-Bejo, M ZainalAbidin, M Ramlan, The prevalence and distribution of Brucella melitensis in goats in Malaysia from 2000 to 2009, Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2015, 119 (3-4), 232-236
  8. PH Bamaiyi, NS Abd-Razak, MA Zainal, Seroprevalence and economic impact of eradicating zoonotic brucellosis in Malaysia: A case study of Melaka state of Malaysia. Veterinary World 2012, 5 (7), 398-404
  9. PH Bamaiyi, Factors Militating against the control of Helminthosis in Livestock in developing countries, Veterinary World 2012, 5 (1), 42-47
  10. PH Bamaiyi, AT Aniesona  Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of Bovine and Ovine Staphylococcus aureus Isolates in Maiduguri, Nigeria, Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences 2013, 1 (2), 59-64

Editor in Chief – Pwaveno H. Bamaiyi

Editor in Chiefs at Special Journal of Public Health, accomplished Research Dons at the top echelon of their career at the Universities, Research Institutions, Public and Private sectors, Industries, civil society organizations, and more….

Editor in Chiefs works with the Editorial Committee to provide strategic leadership in the business of publishing with the ultimate goal of approving for publication if and only if such publications are high-quality articles. The articles should be of interest to the audience and stakeholders of the Special Journal of Public Health.

Unique selling points for Special Journals Publisher (SJP)

This is one of the unique selling points that give the Special journal of Public Health a competitive advantage in the information crowded world ruled and controlled by the big names. SJP wants to dismantle or demystify the theoretical myth behind database Jingoism presently in favor of locating a publishing hub in certain geographical settings and undermines volumes of sustainable development databases some others

Editor in chief, Pwaveno H. Bamaiyi will work with the editorial team, external professional reviewers, authors, and editorial officers to process a manuscript before it is finally published.

Editor in chief is the highest decision making position vis-à-vis manuscript management and day to day running of the journal. However, administratively, the editor in chief reported to the Strategic and Technical Advisory Council (STAC) of the publishing group

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